Burkhard Driest „Special Exhibition“ – Barbara Von Stechow Gallery

Burkhard Driest “Special Exhibition” – Barbara von Stechow Gallery
BURKHARD DRIEST was born in Stettin in 1939. Known as an author, director and actor also painting is part of his passion throughout his lifetime. Although his studio existed already since 1956 his pictorial Oeuvre was publicly presented first in 2010. His work was catalogued and discussed for the first time ever in 2010 in a monograph by the publisher Belser. Especially the demanding confrontation of the observer with the expressive and simultaneously realistic works of Burkhard Driest reveals the pureness and profundity of his artistic creation. The diversity of his motives reflects a narrative structure which is interpreted or complemented by the artist. Not only content and form but color and stroke of brush display the game within extremes.